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KORITE International™ has grown steadily in the global jewelry industry since 1979. Internationally recognized as the leading producer of the rare and exotic Ammolite gemstone, KORITE sets the standard for elegance in design and quality of craftsmanship. Unrivaled in customer service excellence, KORITE delivers with an unconditional lifetime guarantee ensuring customer satisfaction. SOURCES AND ORIGIN What makes Ammolite so special is not only its extreme rarity but its unusual origin and legendary mythical powers. At the age of the dinosaurs, for more than 70 million years, these wonders of nature lay beneath the surface waiting to dazzle the world. From these humble beginnings, Ammolite started its magnificent transformation from an organic foundation to one of the rarest gems in the world. The highest grade of Ammolite is extremely limited and found in only one area in North America. Ammolite truly is one of nature’s rarest gems. Since 1983 KORITE has supplied 90% of the world’s best Ammolite. ETHICAL MINING To reach the highest quality and most productive Ammolite gem rough, KORITE removes and replaces up to 60 feet of surface rock. A meticulous effort is put forth as every section of earth is searched for gem material. The initial effort is completed by a machine operator along with “spotters” that are continuously watching and sorting, hoping to catch a glimmer of color during the excavation process. Complete Ammonite fossils found are set aside for restoration for museums or galleries and are never compromised for the making of jewelry. Visit Korite