Custom Design

Custom design is one of the things we love to do at Barany Jewelers. If you do not find what you have envisioned in our stock we can custom design it for you and bring your vision to life. We also partner with award winning designers to create the perfect piece for you.

The process starts with a sketch for you in our showroom. Once the sketch is approved we can create a 3-D CAD image for your approval. Once it is approved we make a wax model for you to view and if the wax model is just the way you want it we then cast it in your metal of choice and create the piece you had dreamed of. You participate in each stage of this process thus experiencing the joy of creating your very own one of a kind design.

Below is an example of the process of designing a fabulous diamond ring in collaboration with Mark Schneider, the most awarded American jewelry designer. It all started with a loose seven carat marquise diamond ordered by a customer when we went on our annual diamond buying trip to Antwerp, Belgium.

Step 1: Choosing the Diamond

Step 2: Closing the Deal

Step 3: Sketches

Step 4: Customer's Choice

Step 5: Wax Model

Step 6: Creating the Ring

Step 7: Finished Ring